270mm Carbon Fiber, mini size, suitable for 4-Axis Quadcopter


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Are you an enthusiast in 4-Axis FPV Quadcopter? If yes, 270mm Carbon Fiber is a good choice for you to assemble your 4-Axis FPV Quadcopter, which is lighter and more reliable part for you to install a excellent quadcopter. Next, I will introduce you something about this type of 4-Axis FPV Quadcopter frame kit.
270mm Carbon Fiber270mm Carbon Fiber is one kind of folding frame kit, which is suitable for 4-Axis FPV Quadcopter. It is mini size, with 270mm wheelbase and 3mm arm plate thickness, 1.5mm fuselage thickness, which ensures lighter weight of it. The main material of it is carbon fiber, which also has the same purpose to reduce the weight. Therefore, its total weight is 150 grams, included the screws, amazing lighter weight it has.
270mm Carbon FiberThere is a special design, the arm of 270mm Carbon Fiber can be folded, so you can make the camera mounting plate rise 6 degrees, which offers you shooting clearer photos and unobstructed. It is very suitable for your FPV quadcopter and brings you experience the wonderful shooting during your flight.
270mm Carbon FiberWhat’ s more, 270mm Carbon Fiber has many safety security. Such as, it has rubber damper, flight control damping plate, and video damping plat to decrease vibration during flight. In addition to, it also has aluminum alloy spacer, which can light weight and offer more reliable during your flight. All of these ensure the flight quality and add up the flight safety.
270mm Carbon FiberIn summary, 270mm Carbon Fiber is a lighter folding frame kit, with special safety security design. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast in 4-Axis FPV Quadcopter, it is a worthy product for you to own. If you buy it, I’m sure you will not be regret and it will become a good part of your quadcopter.


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