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Many people never really outgrow some behaviors and a childhood dream tends to live on into adult life. Since people struggle to stay away from their toy cars, it does not really come as a surprise that we have so many events and races happening all over the world. The corporate world is now starting to get involved and the races are getting more competitive. If you are keen on mobile racing games, you may have stumbled upon the news that earlier this year, Hot Wheels and Rocket League were teaming up to create remote-controlled cars that are basically a real-life version of the cars you race in the Rocket League game. The set was complete with a track and two cars but sadly, no rockets.

Did you know that you can easily build your own remote control cars at home? The best part is that it is a simple project that you can do on your own using materials sourced locally or purchased online. You do not even need to be a programmer as the cars hardly require any programming.

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If you want to build your own RC car, the good news is that the RC car parts can be purchased from the local Walmart or other major retail stores or you can buy them online. You can actually build a simple RC car from a broken electric drill as long as the motor is still functional.

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While this works just fine, it is much better to go for Electronic Speed Control (ESC) and a servo motor. The advantage of using an ESC and a servo motor is that it gives you better control of the car. You can stop and even go in reverse. Going backward, as we have found out, is really vital and makes life easier. Not being able to reverse your RC car pretty much sucks. The chassis should have a good amount of clearance from the ground to avoid complications as the car motors through rough terrain.

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While you build your RC car with an ESC, you will find that the ESC has a Battery Elimination Circuit to allow you to place your battery pack in the ESC and then connect the ESC into your receiver to supply a safe voltage to the receiver. This simple technique will save you some money. If you do not use an Electronic Speed Control in your RC car, you may have to use two servo motors; one for steering and one to control the speed of the car.

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The thing with remote control cars is that they are fun to play with for kids and adults. You can build your own RC car at home cheaply and race it with your kids. It is an awesome way to bond with your kids and it is very enjoyable, even though it can get cutthroat competitive sometimes. If it comes to that, consider going pro and make some money while you are at it.


If you have some amazing RC car hacks that you are never quite eager to share, please share them with the rest of us in the comments section. You never know, you may learn something from others as well!


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