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Robotics will undoubtedly be the next big thing after the industrial revolution, the introduction of computers and the internet. However, like every revolution, there are always the baby steps which only a few people are willing to undergo. These people, later on, become pioneers and starters of a new age. Considering this, Bill Gates became so successful because he utilized the opportunity of making software while they were a relatively new thing. Similarly, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma utilized the concept of the internet while it was relatively new. Today, these people are recognized as pioneers of a new age in shopping and marketing.

arduino nano

Robotics will surely follow the same path. Currently, robots are largely used in big industries which seek to automate production. In the near future, however, robots will be used to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. The people who get their hands into this industry while it’s still young are likely to win big in the future. There are a few companies which give people the opportunity of getting their hands on robots and robotics, and the SunFounder company is among the few. The SunFounder Company offers the Sunfounder DIY 4DOF Robot Kit Program.

arduino nano

Learning Kit for Arduino Nano is also known as the Sloth. This robot has several cool features that enable one to learn about robots and how to program them.

arduino nano

Sloth features

Sloth has several cool features which make learning fun. One of the cool things about Sloth is that it is a humanoid robot with two legs. The user can program the robot’s movements and gestures. The robot also comes with a programming language software otherwise known as the Arduino code. This programming language can help one learn to code and general programming.

The Sloth comes with ultrasonic equipment which functions as eyes and is helpful as it enables the robot to avoid obstacles. This detection tool can also be programmed to make the robot kick, race in any environment, or even battle. With the Arduino Nano, its functions can only be limited by one’s imaginations.

arduino nano

The Sloth comes as a package of individual components with an installation guide. This aspect gives users an opportunity of having their hands on the mechanics of the robot. Assembling and disassembling the robot can give one insightful idea on how to develop a new product or develop a unique function for the robot.

arduino nano

The robot can be a good gift to kids as it can help them develop a passion for robotics and programming.  In the near future, who knows, maybe the skills that they will acquire will be in demand,  and this will make them better off as compared to their counterparts. The Sloth can only be defined as a revolutionary item as it is surely a game-changer to how people learn and how kids play as well.


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