A Detailed Review of the Popular Hubsan X4


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Nowadays, the quadcopter drone is one of the trendiest gadgets on the market. With such a device, you can capture amazing footage and perform stunning aerial maneuvers. The good news is that prices have fallen and drones are now very affordable. You can find lots of people playing with these drones and Hubsan is one of the best and most popular brands. Here’s a brief look at the Hubsan H123D X4.


The Hubsan X4 is a racing drone that features a 720p adjustable HD camera. It’s made of carbon fiber material which makes it extremely light. The drone’s dimensions are 128 x 107.9 X 9.56 millimeters and it weighs just 145 grams with the battery included. The battery is a 7.6-volt 980mAH Lithium Polymer (Lipo) and it provides a flight time of around 10 minutes when fully charged, which takes around 130 minutes. The built-in camera is a 1280 * 720 30FPS HD camera that takes amazing photos and videos. The drone operates on an HT012D transmitter with a range of about 100-150 meters.

Hubsan H123D X4


The Hubsan H123D X4 can flip and roll and you can fly it in an expert mode. It also features low battery protection with the drone returning when its battery runs low. Its miniature size means that you can fly it indoors without worrying about breaking things in the house. You can also fly it within a limited space.

 Hubsan H123D X4

Brushless Motor

The drone comes equipped with 4 miniature brushless motors, which makes its flight more robust. Also, the brushless motors offer high speed and electronic control, and they are less vulnerable to wear.

Hubsan H123D X4

First Person View in Real Time

The Hubsan X4 gives you 5.8G high-frequency image transmission in real time. That means that you can experience the perfect moment when you capture an image.

Hubsan H123D X4

HD Camera

The built-in 720p HD camera is designed to capture incredible photos and footage from up in the sky. You can adjust the angle of the camera to make it easier to get the perfect shot.

Hubsan H123D X4


As mentioned before, this drone can flip and roll and it can do aerobatic maneuvers while in the air. The drone can do 360-degree turns towards any direction.

Hubsan H123D X4

Low Battery Protection

The drone is designed to return to sender when its battery is losing power, and it will land at the point at which it took off. The good thing is that the battery is a 980mAH high-capacity battery that gives you 7.6 volts of power and you can fly for around 10 minutes.

Hubsan H123D X4

LED Indicators

The LED lights on the drone make your flight spectacular, particularly if you’re flying when it’s dark.

Hubsan H123D X4

User Experience

The overall quality is good and the drone very easy to fly. At 10 meters per second, it has amazing speed and is very stable in the air. I can adjust the camera to an angle that suits my flying style, which is a huge plus when trying to capture great images. I also like the way the drone returns to me when running out of juice so it can not get lost. So if you’re looking to buy a drone, the Hubsan H123D X4 is one that I highly recommend.


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