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Are you a lover of RC helicopters? There is a reason to smile broader. The RC helicopter advancement has been always ongoing. Today, the current helicopters are capable of doing more things. Interestingly, RC helicopters have incomparable stability these days. Imagine a 6-Axis gyro design, 4 CH controller, flybarless and coreless motors. This is a marvel. Stretch your imagination even further to a lipo battery of 3.7V 250mAh and a 250 C. That’s wonderful. Don’t forget a low weight of up to 43.5g of flying weight.

WLtoys V911S

Among the top RC helicopters, revolutionary movers are WLtoys. Their WLtoys V911S has come to revolutionize the toy helicopter life. With the increase in the number of the people using RC helicopters these days, an update of the existing has been prompted. More than update has been the speed of creating new models. Each new model has come with unique features. Some new makes such as WLtoys V911S have completely changed the people’s thoughts on RC helicopters.


Currently, RC helicopters are no longer taken as toys. In fact, using RC helicopters has now become everyone’s hobby. The industry has greatly matured. There has been a very steady increase in the number of clubs, competitions, and do-it-yourself tutorials. The new models like WLtoys V911S are easy to use. Majority of the latest makes also have readily available Do-it-yourself tutorials. The tutorials can easily be accessed and played. Competitions are based on the rules of federation aeronautique internationale. Among the best-known competitions are the US eXtreme flight championship and the 3D masters in the UK.

WLtoys V911S

WLtoys V911S

This is new and latest radio -controlled helicopter. It is an invention that solves the majority of the problems of running the other types of RC helicopters. The toy focuses on the principle of easing operation, reducing flight weight, increasing durability and improved flight controls.


Features of WLtoys V911S

  1. Low flight weight.This model of an RC helicopter is very light. It has a flying weight of about 43.5g. This is truly incredible.
  2. Two controller modes. It comes with a left and right handle throttle. The controller is itself 4 CH. The drone itself is quadcopter. Despite all this, the drone is cheap.
  3. Operates on the coreless motor.WLtoys V911S operates on an 8520 coreless main motor. The tail motor is 0716 coreless motor.
  4. High flight distance and time.The drone is capable of flying up to a 100m. The flight can last up to 7 minutes.
  5. Long lasting battery.The battery which comes included is lipo battery. It is up to 3.7 V and lasts between 35 min and 40 min.
  6. Flybarless design. The drone is headless and operates as a flybarless. Its flying system is highly upgraded. It has a smooth, high level and very stable flights.
  7. Small and compact body. This drone isn’t voluminous. It comes with a height of 77mm and a body length of 245mm.


Are you thinking about RC helicopters? Then think WLtoys V911S. It’s the best for the hobby. Simple, long lasting and stable to fly.


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  1. Samuel van der Waal says:

    What is the model of the 4k sensor used? The specs I’ve found online only say “Sony EXMOR 1/2.3”, but I’m curious if you guys actually found the model #.

  2. motionmanager says:

    please let us know how we can use the camera on a different aircraft but the DJI phantom!

  3. Virtruvius says:

    how much does the whole assembly weigh? Can the phantom fly normal without it? Thanks.

  4. David Henderson says:

    Great information. Is the piece of glass that covers/protects (filters?) the lens replaceable without buying the whole camera?

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