Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC Flybarless Super Combo Helicopter Review


AlignRC Helicopter

The agile and smooth 3D helicopter Align T-REX 450 Plus always enjoys decent reputation ever since it’s launched on the market. Adopting carbon fiber main frame, the super combo helicopter possesses remarkably compact and concise structure, which results in fast and furious aerobatics. With 634mm in length, 111mm in width, 205mm in height, the high-rigid 3D helicopter weighs 584g. More details are in the following!
Align T-REX 450 PlusEndowed with 3GX flybarless head assembly featuring extremely low CG, Align T-REX 450 Plus possesses quite strong resistance to the wind, providing more direct and precise flight control feel. The professional DFC rotor head has been comprehensively optimized to reach flight characteristics without spare adjustment. Meanwhile, flybarless system can greatly improves the response speed as well as flight efficiency.
Align T-REX 450 Plus
Normal direction flights like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/ backward can be reached with ease. Let alone, Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC is capable of 3D stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, inverted flying and vertical flying. Adopting flight control system with integrated 3-axis gyro, the copter can automatically correct its attitude when flying into wrong direction in windy situation.

Align T-REX 450 Plus
What’s more, impressive fiberglass canopy not only enhances flight appreciation, but also helps pilot identify flying direction. In addition, fiberglass canopy possesses no electricity conduction, thus there is very less self explosion caused by mixed wires contacting. Besides, four-piece frame plate design with imbedded servo mounting platform for fast servo installation and removal without mounting nuts. And narrow lower frame plate as well as base plate design is to strengthen rigidity and improve flight agility.

Align T-REX 450 Plus
Last but not least, the performance of Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC will grow as the pilot becomes more and more skillful. So this is a 3D helicopter suitable for both beginners and superiors. It’s better for you to choose high capacity Li-polymer battery for the helicopter, and charge the battery with professional LiPo charger like iMax B6. Considering its body size, you’d fly the helicopter outdoor or somewhere there is very open and wide place.


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