Align T-REX 500E 6CH 3D RC Helicopter Super Combo Kit Review


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Hello, everyone! Today I wanna introduce you a 3D helicopter which is especially suitable for beginners. That is Align T-REX 500E super combo, the newly launched helicopter capturing pilots by the first sight! The new copter actually adopts flybar design, not so agile or sensitive as the flybarless control system but more controllable for new-in 3D pilots. Hereinafter I’ll give more details for people interested in the super combo!

Align T-REX 500E
Adopting carbon fiber main frame, Align T-REX 500E seems so compact and concise measured 634mm in length, 111mm in width and 224mm in height. The high-precision main rotor assembly  enables the helicopter to demonstrate smooth and stable flight. Direction-to-swash CCPM linkage ensures more direction and precise control feel. Seen from the flank, the helicopter is of relatively low CG, resulting in stronger resistance to the wind.

Align T-REX 500E
Normal direction flights such as rising, descending, moving forward and backward, turning left and right can be reached with ease. Let alone, Align T-REX 500E does well in aerobatics like hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, vertical flying, inverted flying, etc. In addition, the 6CH 3D helicopter can concurrently conduct two or three stunts. For instance, vertical flying, 360º rotating, flipping allows to carry out simultaneously.

Align T-REX 500E
The white-red canopy helps greatly enhances flight appreciation, meanwhile, it helps pilot identify  flying direction. Moreover, the canopy is made of fiberglass without no electricity conduction, which decreases possibility of self explosion if inner wiring mixed. The main blade adopting elastic nylon can be warped but not deformed. And landing gear made of carbon fiber can decrease sudden impact when it lands.
Align T-REX 500EThe heavy weight on each end of the flybar will works as mechanical gyro to keep Align T-REX 500E stable. Of course, flybar helicopter is lack of some sensitivity when conducting aerobatics. By changing the flybar placement from 90º to 45º, entry-level hobbyists can reach agiler and more smooth flights with ease. Considering its body size, the helicopter is suited to fly both outdoors or indoors where there is very open and large space.


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