Align TREX 450 3GX PRO DFC Super Combo RC Helicopter Review


AlignRC Helicopter

Streamlined 3D helicopter like Align TREX 450 always enjoy decent reputation among pilots. Adopting carbon fiber framework, the helicopter with 640mm in length and 204mm in height only weighs 513g including power system. The compact and concise structure not only consumes less power supply, but only enables the helicopter to demonstrate agiler and more smooth flights. How on earth this 3D helicopter performs will be given in the following passage.

Align TREX 450
Utilizing 3GX flybarless head assembly featuring extremely low CG, Align TREX 450 is endowed with more direct and precise flight control feeling. The professional DFC rotor head has been comprehensively optimized to reach flight characteristics without spare adjustment. In addition, the low CG can minimize wind resistance, resulting in stable and smooth bearing when flying outdoor. At the same time, flybarless system promotes response speed as well as flight efficiency.

Align TREX 450
What’s more, Align TREX 450 adopts flight control system with adjustable three-axis gyro, the  thus it can achieve normal flights like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward with ease. In addition, the helicopter is capable of fancy stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, inverted flying and vertical flying. As long as you’re skillful enough, more amazing aerobatics could be reached. When flying into wrong direction in windy situation, the copter can correct its attitude by it self.
Align TREX 450Moreover, the fiberglass canopy without electricity conduction dramatically decreases self explosion when inner wires mixed and contacted with it. The separated skid landing for one thing is very convenient to maintain, for another thing, it can decrease sudden impact when it lands or crashes by accident. The nylon blade of great tenacity can be warped but not deformed, which can survive many crashes. Supported by high capacity Li-polymer battery, this helicopter will provides longer flight for one charge.


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