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A drone is basically an unmanned aircraft that can be remotely operated from a computer, handheld remote control or satellite link. The Drone industry is one of the most fascinating and first growing industry. A series of technological innovations have been done to improve the efficiency of these drones. The remote control drone has been developed with latest technology and features that existed never before in such aircraft. This new drone is very easy to steer and control which makes it very popular among its users. The new remote control drone uses four rotors, two cameras, and a remote user interface. The communication of remote control drone with its user interface happens through the wi-fi network. This enables the pilot to steer the helicopter even when it is out of his sight.

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The remote control drone has a camera fitted at a strategic interface to direct signals to and from the host. This camera has the capacity of recording images at 15 fps rate. These images are sent back to the user interface, via a wi-fi network. An Apple iPod or iPhone acts as a remote user interface. A pilot, who holds the Apple iPhone, views the images sent by the first camera. These images are transferred in real time enabling the pilot to see where his remote control drone is, at that very moment. This also assists the pilot in controlling his drone efficiently. The images are viewed on iPhone touch screen in VGA resolution. The use of touchscreen allows the pilot to operate his controls more efficiently and cause lesser fatigue to his fingers than the conventional stick controls. The controls on the touch screen are also very easy to operate and anyone can learn them quickly. The use of iPhone to operate the helicopter is not a limitation but an advantage. The computing ability of an iPhone gives powerful heads-up interface which is required to operate the remote control drone.

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The pilot has an option of controlling where the camera is pointing. He can change the camera direction side to side or back and forth, simply by dragging his finger on his iPhone touchscreen. By controlling the accelerometer, the pilot can change the direction of his remote control drone by simply steering his hands in a direction he wishes. With the help of these options, a pilot can take his drone exactly where he wants. This is very helpful in spying. The autopilot feature of this remote control drone is of great help. When a pilot removes his fingers from controlling the iPhone, his drone goes into autopilot mode and hovers at its current location.


When the user puts his fingers back on iPhone and starts steering it, the remote control drone comes into manual control mode. This saves it from crashing. All these features of the advanced controlling system of the remote control drone have made them very special and unique.

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Drone racing is a well-known sport where people fly around their drones and race as fast as they can. Most drones have FPV systems these days, which is the First Person View. There are cameras in the racing drones, which help give them the feel of flying as if they were in the cockpit. Some drone racers use monitors where they have special FPV goggles to give them a virtual experience of flying drones. This is a sport mixed with video-gaming levels to give an immersive experience.


What you need to know before starting: –

To begin, you need all the right components for racing drones. You will need batteries, charger, controller, FPV goggles, drone, video receiver and a few other items too.

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Things to know before your first use of drones: –

  1. Speed – You obviously require a drone that is quite fast. Usually, most drones have a speed of around 35mph, but you can take them faster to about 50mph without causing any damages to the internal systems. If you go out of limit and way above 50 mph, you might be straining the battery of your drone a lot. So be careful when you are racing.


  1. Sight – FPV camera and sometimes FPV goggles are essential. Your drone will keep tilting as it speeds up and your camera needs to do the same; otherwise, you will not be able to see where your drone is going. Make sure your FPV camera has a high frame rate, is durable, and also, has a wide FOV.


  1. Durable –When you are racing drones, you don’t have a guarantee whether they will crash or not. Drones are not too cheap in price which is why you need to go for something that is durable in nature. Other than this, it should be easy to repair too.Buy a drone that can take hits before it finally breaks down. When you are racing with speed, the drone can get out of control and hit some objects in the way, so make sure you buy a sturdy and repairable drone. Your drone should also have the option to replace all the broken parts so that you don’t have to invest in a new one in less time.


  1. Good controller – People often do not look towards buying a good flight controller for the drone. This is that one thing which keeps the racing drone in control, and you must not overlook it! If you are seriously into this sport, get a good controller for the drone which is firm and easily available too.

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When you are looking into racing drones, find out how to use every part and control it. Drone racing can be a lot of fun, but be sure to know everything before you invest.


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