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A Bluetooth tracker is a little device that is attached to objects such as wallet, tablet, phone or keyring for the purpose of tracking. The tracker works through the aid of a mobile app and it is connected via Bluetooth, and the tracker can be signaled via the app to make a beep sound when the item cannot be located.

Bluetooth tracker

The app also take into record the last location of the tracker when it was within range.

Difference between Bluetooth Trackers and GPS Trackers

Bluetooth trackers are relatively cheap and cost between $10 to $50, with no additional monthly fees attached.
GPS trackers cost upward of $50 and have an added monthly subscription fee where the cost can vary depending on what coverage plan you need.
Battery Consumption rate
Most Bluetooth trackers require very little power, but only a few come with a replaceable battery. The rest will last about a year and will need to be replaced after that. Some companies offer a discounted renewal program for repurchases.
GPS trackers have substantial power consumption, but most are rechargeable and will last between 1-3 days.
Connection Rate
Bluetooth trackers can be as small as a coin and as thin as a credit card. The idea is that they can keep track of your keys or wallet without adding any extra bulk to your daily necessities. Since the technology inside can rely on your phone’s Bluetooth signal and hardware, manufacturers stick to the rule ‘less is more’ to extend battery life.
GPS trackers are bulkier in size. With more tech and options for recharging inside, more space is needed to accommodate everything. The smallest ones are close to a car key in size, and they are also a bit heavier. A general rule seems to be that with more capabilities come bigger sizes and GPS tags are a bit too chunky to carry around in your pockets.

Bluetooth tracker

Tips for choosing a Bluetooth tracker

Battery Life
Most Bluetooth trackers have a battery that can last between 6 to 12 months and in most cases, the batteries are either rechargeable, replaceable, or non-replaceable with a renewal program for the whole tracker.

Bluetooth trackers with rechargeable batteries typically have the shortest charge and need to be recharged anywhere from weekly to every 3 months. You can recharge them using a standard USB mini charger (the same you use for your smartphone).
Tracker features
Think about what you’ll be using the Bluetooth tracker for before your purchase. Will you use it to find your keys, your wallet, your backpack, or to track your pet?
Some Bluetooth trackers can have additional features, for example, a thin, card-like shape, water resistance or phone notifications when it goes out of range, which you might find useful. Some you can share with your family and friends through the accompanying app if the item you want to track is used by a few people.
The Range
Any tech based on Bluetooth will work optimally at a range of up to 30 feet. With Bluetooth or BLE trackers this range is extended to about 100 feet and a handful of companies have further stretched this so that your phone can stay connected to your tracker even at distances of 200 feet. Ultimately the connection range will depend on your surroundings. Obstacles like thick walls, trees, and cars can decrease the connectivity range.
Bluetooth finders are made to be heard, so one of the most important features is the sound the gadget makes when you start actively searching for it. The tracker’s ringing must be loud enough to be heard even if your lost item is buried under a couch cushion, a pile of toys, or if you find yourself searching in a noisy environment.
Pay attention to the ringer melody too. Will you be able to hear it in a noisy environment? Does the company offer a few different melodies you can choose from or do they have one default ringer for all of their devices?
Like with every other product, the prices of Bluetooth trackers can go from incredibly cheap to incredibly expensive. You can factor the tracker’s accompanying features into how much you’re willing to spend, but there’s another great way to check if a tracker’s price is worth it before you buy.
Low Energy Cost
Easy Reminder
It’s not a GPS Device
Battery needs replacement from time to time

Bluetooth tracker


Bluetooth trackers comes in handy when you are in search of items at home. They do not require any special training for usage. They and simple to use, portable and very affordable.


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