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Ohuhu markers are a very popular and economical alternative to Copic Markers so I wanted to see how they performed. These markers are not as expensive as Copics, Winsor Newton, Blick Studio, and other big name brands.

Ohuhu markers

What is are Ohuhu markers?
The Ohuhu Marker are the highly pigmented colors you’re missing in your collection.
They are built with dual tips that are fine, narrow and broad to allow you to be creative with a variety of vibrant color options. This is the perfect gift and addition for artists, students, kids, and more for arts and crafts, design etc.
These markers come in a black cloth zippered case and are available in sets of 40, 60, 80, and 100. They are not available open stock. Therefore if you need to replace a color, you have to buy a new set.
The Ohuhu markers come with a fine tip nib and a broad chisel tip. The barrel of the first generation markers was sort of square and had a number and color name on the cap. The newest generation of Ohuhu markers is more oval and just has a number on the cap.

How to Revive Dried Out Ohuhu Markers
1. Pour about one cup of warm water into a bowl
If you have one or more dried-out water-based markers, try this simple trick to breathe some life back into them. Start by filling a small bowl with warm or hot water. In the next step, this water will soak into the markers’ dried-out tips, which will usually allow the ink to begin flowing freely once more.
2. Put the marker(s) tip-down in the water
Take the caps off of your dry markers and dip them in the water so that the tips are completely submerged. Let the markers soak undisturbed for about five minutes. You may notice some ink draining out of the marker tips and into the water — this is normal.
3. Let the markers dry on a rag
Remove your markers from the water. Dab the tips with a rag to remove excess water, then lay the markers on the rag to dry. You want the markers to dry to the point that the ink in their tips is no longer diluted with water, but not so dry that they won’t write.
4. Replace the caps when done
Once your markers are writing properly again, be sure to replace their caps. Leaving a marker’s cap off is a sure-fire way to find yourself with another dried-out marker. On the other hand, capping your markers between uses helps hold the moisture in the tip, ensuring the marker writes for as long as possible.
5. Alternatively, use a few drops of vinegar
Another home remedy for dried out water-based markers involves using vinegar. With this method, you’ll want to put your markers tip-down in a dry bowl and dampen each marker’s tip with one or two drops of clear white vinegar. Allow the markers to soak for several minutes before drying as above. Don’t submerge the marker tips as you would when using water — you just want a few drops for each.
6. Consider injecting water into the marker
One final way to get your markers back in shape requires a long, sharp, skinny needle (like a hypodermic syringe). For this method, fill your syringe with water, then insert the needle directly through the tip into the body of the marker. Push a small amount of water into the marker very slowly, allowing air to drain out through the tip as you add water. Once you’ve added no more than a milliliter (mL/cc) or so, let the marker rest on an old rag briefly to dry before using.

Ohuhu has also branched out into several more are products. Now they have watercolor brush markers, dual tip water based brush markers, fineliners, watercolor pencils, and colored pencils. Purchase one markers for your children today from Banggood and see them love you more.

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