ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit, an improved helicopter kit


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ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit is an empty helicopter part for DIY. Such kind of kit has an advantage, maybe it is also a disadvantage for some people because you need to spend much time trying and figuring out what power components are compatible with the helicopter, so it is challenging. But   anyhow, this is a nice kit with many improved constructional designs.

ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit

ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit is 625mm long in total. It mixes with flybarless rotor group on the head, which would enhance your 3D flight performance. The new improved design of the fuselage side is awesome with allocating a mounting space for gyro, and can be placed both inside the body or on the swashplate, making the whole helicopter more neat and better to look.

ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit

Besides, ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit adopts integrated style that it combines spindle and steering in one mount, and modifies the connecting part with side plate, which not only facilitates the load/ upload of server, but also makes it more convenient to maintain. There is another mount also adopting integrated design, that is the combination of battery and speed controller, which also brings us many benefits. For one hand, it can further stabilize the battery, and help to achieve the best gravity through adjusting different batteries’ positions. For another, this design reduce the use of screws, greatly shortening time of installation and repair.

ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit

Apart from convenient mounting designs, ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit creates several new features to give you excellent flight experience. Just now, i mentioned the flybarless rotor group working on improving 3D flying performance. Besides that, the high-efficiency tail shaft design greatly lower power consumption, so your flight will be powerful. Moreover, the vertical tail server mount is designed to make the gravity more focused in that 3D flight effect will be more fantastic.

So, we can see that ALZRC Devil 450 Pro Kit is really unbeatable with so many advanced designs that make it convenient to install and better to fly, don’t miss it. If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.


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