ALZRC Devil 450 Pro V2 spares no efforts to give you a nicest helicopter


It seems that there are few choices of helicopters in the market compared with other kinds of planes, but what should the heli fans do? Well, it is a good idea to build one. ALZRC Devil 450 Pro V2 is a really nice helicopter frame kit. Gathering many good designs, you’ll surely have a satisfactory heli.

ALZRC Devil 450 Pro V2

In the aspect of appearance, ALZRC Devil 450 Pro V2 is just good to look. The new shape and flow line style painting on the fuselage canopy make it eye-catching in the crowds. The side frame design is improved with a dedicated gyro mounting location, which allows the your gyro to be placed inside the frame or on the swash plate, so you won’t see messy wires, and it will be more comfortable and neat to look. I am sure you’ll be glad to bring it outside with you.

ALZRC Devil 450 Pro V2

No matter what planes we fly with, we all want to have a powerful performance, and that’s what ALZRC Devil 450 Pro V2 aims at. The high-efficiency tail shaft drive design is effective in reducing power loss during the whole process of belt drive, so it will be more powerful to fly. Besides, you can also reach superior tail locking and higher precision with the tail blade grips.

I think ALZRC Devil 450 Pro V2 can fulfill your pursue for aerobatic flight because it is specially made for offering better 3D performance. For example, the newly improved flybarless rotor head assembly with low wind resistance has reduced the distance between main rotor and fuselage to lower the CG, which is good for 3D flight. Others like vertical tail server fixed seat design and the longer battery mounting plate integrated ESC mount also help to show better aerobatic flight through achieving better CG.

Combing this frame and the needed power components, i believe you are going to own a helicopter that is most cool in appearance and great to fly. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.