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Four simple mistakes to avoid when constructing RC airplane kits


Remote controlled planes have evolved to be very popular both for adults and kids in recent years. Kids favor the electric versions of RC planes, but …

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How to Build A Remote Controlled Robot By Yourself


The use of robots has been in existence even before movie makers could think of creating science fiction and SIFI films. The existence of remote-controlled machines …

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Selfie Drone – Modern Revolution in Clicking Selfies


Have you got stuck with boring selfie positions? Or do you have trouble getting pictures with your family through selfies? We understand get together are not …

FPV SystemRC QuadcoptersReviews

Playing With Mini Quadcopters Has Never Been Easier!


Gone are the days where commandeering your very own drone was perceived to be a scene from the Richie Rich cartoons. These days, much like Ford’s …

FPV SystemRC Quadcopter PartsRC QuadcoptersReviews

Here’s What You Need to Build Your Own Drone


It is estimated that there will be over 3.4 million hobbyist drones in the air by 2021. That’s not entirely surprising considering by 2016 there were …

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What’s the squishy toy and why you should definitely get one?


Many people in the 21st century suffer from stress hence prompting a rise in new ways to help cope with it. Meditation, Soothing music, exercise, yoga, …

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Without a doubt, skateboarding is popular. However, have you heard of finger skateboarding? It is a skateboard that can be done with the hand instead of …

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The Craze about Cube Spinners


The fidget spinner is the ultimate spinning toy with the ability to spin indefinitely. It has struck a chord with people of all ages and especially …

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Trendiest New Gadget in the World!


Did you know that policemen can’t fly drones below 400 feet? They also can’t use footage they collect from drone cameras. “Why would the police force …