Want to have unique flight experience? Have your own AVATAR F103


RC Helicopter

If you think flying a quad is too often and want to experience something different then AVATAR F103 is fresh for you. It is a mini helicopter coming with double-layer rotors and two upside down propellers, which is going to give you strong raising force.

AVATAR F103Applicable to a broad crowd
This palm size AVATAR F103 is designed to be suitable for all people to play. No matter you are a beginner who wants to practice basic flight, intermediate player who eager to further boost flight skills, professional who would like to show aerobatic flights, or you want your children( over 14 years old ) to be model enthusiasts just like you, this helicopter would be your good choice.

Mini body usually makes people feel it is fragile, i want to say that it is time to break this traditional concept! AVATAR F103 tells you how to be a mini but strong copter. The full metal body frame protects the heli from crash, so it won’t break easily, which is great for those who are new to R/C toys and for kids to play.

Infinite freedom
No matter what way you want to fly, just do it! With a 4-channel infrared control system incorporating mini side rotors allows flight control not only in the expected way, but in all directions. You can fly up and down, forwards and backwards, but also adds roll, which lets you control left and right along with being able to spin the helicopter on the spot while hovering.By the way, AVATAR F103 has outstanding performance in hovering.

Fly together
Are you interested in flying together with your kids? The F103 comes with 3 separate bands (A,B,C) to allow for up to 3 helicopters to fly at the same time. When your kids also become enthusiasts, i think the relationship between you is not blood only, but friends who can share flight feelings with each other. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.


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