Benefits of the Art of Glass Bottle Cutting


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Bottle cutting has become one of the ways we can become more environmentally correct and live a green lifestyle. Life becomes richer when we are able to incorporate our hobbies into the way we live and when we can use our hobbies as tools to promote our environmental stance. Part of being socially responsible is to focus on the aspects of recycling, reusing, consumer products while reducing the consumption of new products. Bottle cutting is a great tool that can help with all three of those environmental goals.

Glass bottle cutter

When we take a bottle or a jar, and we craft something that extends the useful life of that bottle or jar then we are reusing those products rather than throwing them away or recycling them. This is valuable to the environment because we are not only extending the useful life of resources we are creating a product from used material, which means that new resources are not created. This is a green jackpot.

Recycling is the philosophy of reusing natural resources such as metals rather than simply throwing them into the trash. Bottle cutting fits nicely into recycling because that is really what the art of bottle cutting is all about. It takes existing products and turns them into resources that can then be used to create art. Projects that are created using a glass bottle cutter are primarily made from glass, but the creative artist will find ways to incorporate other natural resources into projects.

Reducing is about reducing consumption and using what we have. The art of bottle cutting is very much about reducing. Not only are we reducing wastes, we are creating products that are made entirely of used items and that means that we are not consuming new products that require new resources.

There are no limitations to bottle art. Your imagination is free to create unique works of art. There are a lot of projects that are just waiting to be created. To purchase a comfortable and affordable bottle cutter visit


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