RC Quadcopters

It seems like every day we are finding new uses for drones. They are becoming increasingly popular gadgets and why not, drones are awesome. I happen to love drones and quadcopters in particular. Quadcopters, as the name suggests have four propellers that generate lift and thrust more efficiently than conventional drones. Quadcopter drones are brilliant for taking pictures and videos from above. These drones are a must have for anyone who loves photography like me. My quadcopter drone allows me to take amazing pictures that would be impossible to take if not for its amazing aerodynamics and the high-quality camera. The best thing about it is that they are not as expensive as they used to be. Now, you can buy a high-quality drone for under $1000.

Zerotech Hesper

My personal quadcopter drone is the Zerotech Hesper. The Hesper to me is the best drone out there all things considered including the price. The drone can fly at a horizontal speed of up to 6m/s, and a vertical speed of up to 3m/s. It can turn as fast as 180 m/s. It can go as high as 800m any higher and it would be out of range from its controller. It can stay in the air for up to 18 minutes at which point the battery would be depleted and you would need to recharge it. This particular drone has the target tracking feature which uses image recognition technology to follow the moving target that you have selected. The Zerotech Hesper has an awesome 13MP camera that can take 1080p quality videos and a 16GB internal memory.

Zerotech Hesper

The Zerotech Hesper is a must have at events that you would want to record. The camera takes great shots and it is all automatic, all you need to do is select a target area and it will do its magic. It is also used by vloggers who document their everyday life and have cameras following them around. It looks so much better when it is a drone following you taking the best possible shots from the best possible angles.

Zerotech Hesper

The Zerotech Hesper can be used for commercial reasons too. It is not why I have it but it is definitely a professional photographer and video maker. You could record youtube videos that would earn money for you for almost no cost except for the cost of the drone. The Zerotech Hesper drone costs around $500, which is a great price for the drone with all the features that it comes with. The package contains one Zerotech Hesper Quadcopter drone, one Li-po 1950mAh intelligent battery, one charger, eight propellers and a user manual.


The Zerotech Hesper is a great choice it has worked for me and is still working for me. I love it. The best thing about it really is its looks, the four blades fold in when not in use and unfold to take off like a futuristic gadget.


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