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Multi Rotor Parts

As is known to all, propellers should be chosen in accordance with features of the certain aircraft. With more and more people flying multi-rotor copter, propellers are strictly made into different types. Take Gemfan 5030 for example, it provides a variety of propellers including two-blade/ three-blade propellers and plastic/carbon fiber propellers. To compatible with a certain airplane, what’s your choice?
Gemfan 5030Generally speaking, the less blades the propeller owns, the higher efficiency it possesses. That is to say, two-blade propeller can make better use of the air force than three-blade propeller. In addition, the more blade the propeller takes, the faster rotating speed it ensures. In another word, three-blade propeller is more suitable for high-speed rotation compared with two-blade propellers.
Gemfan 5030It seems that two-blade propeller is widely applied to all kind of aircraft. After all, model aircraft in small-body doesn’t requires very high rotation. But if you want to make something special, sometimes three-blade propellers provided by Gemfan 5030 could be a nice choice. As for DIY enthusiasts, there actually doesn’t exist much limitation. After all, creation and challenge can feed such people.
Gemfan 5030As for propellers in different material, what kind of flying levels depends what kind of propellers you choose. Simply speaking, propellers in great tenacity is more suitable for entry-level enthusiasts. Even superior couldn’t avoid crashing by accident, not mentioning to new-in players. You’d better choose propellers made by plastic which can be warped but hardly be deformed. Thus, the propellers can survive many crashes.
Gemfan 5030For skillful hobbyists, carbon fiber propellers provided by Gemfan 5030 is more compatible with you. Featured by light weight and high strength, carbon fiber propellers provide you with higher efficiency when installing on a certain copter. Besides, propellers made by carbon fiber is of great durability, ensuring very long service long if there is no big crash or explosion. In a word, carbon fiber propeller possesses higher density than plastic propeller.


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