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Are you looking for the best battery to run your RC quadcopter? A battery that will not let you down at any cost? A battery capable to work under normal and best temperatures around you? Worry no more because DJI battery phantom 3 is here for you. The battery will see your remote control quadcopter can run perfectly without any troubles. Having these batteries will make you enjoy every moment that you will have in the field with your friends.
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Features of DJI battery phantom 3.

Power storage.
Dji battery phantom 3 has the ability to store energy while in use for up to 23 minutes. These minutes will enable you to enjoy using your flight object and control it. Compared to other batteries the DJI battery phantom 3 is much stronger and has a slightly higher flight time.

Ability to show power usage.
The battery is designed with four LEDs displays that enable you to check the status of the battery. This will help you to know the time the battery is fully charged and when the battery is not charged at all. It also ensures that you monitor how your quadcopter is using the battery and be able to know the remaining power to help you know how long you are going to enjoy the flight.

Designed in an easy slot-in way.
Dji battery phantom 3 is designed in a way that you can charge it easily and install it or remove it from your device with ease. This is a good design that will prevent breakage or give you a hectic trying to figure out how to use it or charge it.
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Manufacturing materials.
The battery is made from high-quality materials. The materials are strong and durable. It is hard to break even if it falls. It is also designed to allow power management and balancing charging capabilities. The material prevents the DJI battery phantom 3 from overheating and get spoiled easily.

Weight of the battery.
The weight is a moderate one. It is not heavy to prevent your device from flying. It has 375g which is light enough to be supported by the RC quadcopter.

Benefits and advantages of DJI battery phantom 3dji phantom 3 standard battery(2)

The battery uses less power while charging. It uses only 100W
The battery can be used in a temperature ranging 0®C-40®C which is a moderate temperature that is found all over the world.
It is light hence making it easy to carry around.
If you purchase a battery with a problem your money is refunded back or you are given a new battery.
Has a long lifespan since it is rechargeable.

If you want to enjoy running your RC quadcopter just go and get a DJI battery phantom 3. The battery will not let you down and you will see the worth of all the cents you used. Get yours today and enjoy the moments of using it.

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