Big News! Diatone Tyrant Racing Drones Arrived At Banggood


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Recently, there are a great amount of rc drones arrived at Banggood, which you could have a look and find your favorites. Today, what I wanna share you is about the Diatone Tyrant racing rc drones, which has different wheelbases of 150mm, 180mm and 215mm. It has a pretty good performance to offer you fast speed flight. Then, let me share you some details next. Let me set the example of Diatone Tyrant 150 to talk with you.

Diatone Tyrant 150

First of all, it has compact and light weight design. Low gravity design, it equipped with super thin flight controller to reduce the frame height, which only has 15mm. Besides, it reduces the battery gravity and provides you more flexible flight. 4mm 3K carbon fiber composite material making also takes effective in weight reduce. Most important, this makes it harder and stronger.

Diatone Tyrant 150

Moreover, it equipped with high quality configurations. Advanced 40CH video transmitter, integrated PDB, Diatone mini V2.0 2A BEC, newest thin Naze 32 Rev6, TY20 4S 20A ESC, all of these make it powerful and excellent performance.

Diatone Tyrant 150

In addition to, it takes adjustable camera mount. The reasonable camera installation way is convenient and useful for you to shoot the nice videos and find the most suitable field of view. Very nice design it is.

Diatone Tyrant 150


Wheelbase: 150mm
Width: 150mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Up board: 1.5mm
Lower board: 4mm
Height: 45mm
Motor mount boit holes: 9/12mm
Flight Controller: Naze32 REV6 6DF(B ) MPU6500
ESC: 20A OneShot hi-speed
Camera: 600TVL Micro Camera (center horizontal resolution)
VTX: 200mW 40CH
Motors: BX1306-3100KV Brushless Motor (CW/CCW)
Propeller: 3 inch (3030) (CW/CCW)
PDB: Built-in 5V 2A BEC (Supply power for more equipment)
Dimension: 147 x 104 x 60mm
Frame Weight: 200g
Package Weight: 450g

All in all, this one has excellent performance and a pretty nice appearance design. Worthy buying it is! If you are interested in it, you could purchase it at Banggood with a price of $ 192.99. Also, other version you could choose of Diatone Tyrant 180 and Diatone Tyrant 215, depending on your actual need.


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