Boscam TS832: An Accurate and Smart transmitter


FPV System

It is acknowledged that a set of high performance aerial devices take the first place if you want to shoot out astonishing pictures or video through aerial photography. Now let’s talk about the most important part of aerial device, that is the transmitter. Take the best-seller Boscam TS832 for example, it is a lighter weight and smaller volume transmitter with receiving function. As we know, the design of aerial devices have become more and more exquisite due to aerial enthusiasts’  strict requirements. The small size make it easy for the whole assembly while the light weight contributes to the stability and accuracy of both shooting and flying, which is especially praised by model DIY enthusiasts.
Boscam TS832Boscam TS832 adopts the newest design with thirty-two channels choice to get the most stable transmitting quality, so user do not have to worry there is something wrong when shooting the amazing scenery. In addition, both transmitting and receiving parts are equipped with LED digital tube display, avoiding dial the code error of last generation products. And the signal transmitted distance can be up to five kilometers, if work with bigger gain antenna, the longest distance can reach eight km. However far your copter could fly, the receiver will meet your shooting height and distance. Besides,it is compatible with A, B, E and F frequency bands, and it is almost compatible to all FPV 5.8 receivers. As for energy consuming, the transmitter take super small 200mA current for 600mW wireless power.
Boscam TS832If you are a model DIY connoisseur, you will absolutely make Boscam TS832 best use under the cooperation of other parts of devices, like camera that can monitor the real-time image through the camera as if you see the image at the first person angle of view. Moreover, if you get a sensitive controller which ensures the stability when the copter hovering of fancy flying, then you could experience pretty exciting feeling as if you were flying, meanwhile, the beautiful surrounding scenery with the unique survey perspective would refresh your eyes.


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