Bravo Walkera Master CP 2.4GHz 6Axis Gyro 3D Helicopter Review


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Today I’m going to introduce you a mini 3D helicopter which is pretty suitable for entry-level pilots, that is Walkera Master CP. The hottest helicopter adopts integrated flight control system, ensuring easy operation while providing pilots with terrific aerobatics. In terms of its unique structure, this helicopter is easy and convenient to maintain. If not mind, you may keep reading to know more!
Walkera Master CPMaybe this helicopter is not so attractive in appearance, it does take the most practical design for beginners. Walkera Master CP is quite controllable with 440mm in overall size and 350g in all-up weight. The read and black canopy may not impress you, but it can really survive many crashes. Utilizing 200 size collective pitch lever, the helicopter features very low CG which greatly enhances the wind to resistance. And flybarless system not only proves response speed but also increase flight efficiency.
Walkera Master CPAdopting flight control system with adjustable 6-axis gyro, the 3D helicopter does well in rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward. What’s more, Walkera Master CP is capable of 3D stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, inverted flying and vertical flying. Besides, the copter can automatically correct its flying direction on account of the adjustable gyro. Thus pilots can freely fly it both indoor and outdoor. Even flying n windy outdoor, it will keep its stable bearing as usual.

Walkera Master CP
More detailed design about Walkera Master CP: Brushless motor with hole design is to to ensure better heat dissipation. The coordination of tail motor and direction of tail boom not only makes the copter more attractive, but also avoid unnecessary collision. Gear box can decrease the motor load and prolong its lifetime. The main blade made of plastic and built-in carbon fiber possesses great toughness, dramatically improving the impact from crashes. And the separated skid landing is easy to maintain.

Walkera Master CPLast but not least, Walkera Master CP supports on line upgrade to reach the latest program. The flight control system can be perfectly compatible with 2.4GHz transmitter with telemetry function. All in all, this is a 3D helicopter suitable for all level pilots. Especially the latest 6-axis gyro ensures stable and precise flight, which decreases difficulty of normal flights and aerobatics as well.


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