Brushless racing boat FT012: Even Faster Than The Whale


RC Boat

Based on successful experience of FT009, FT012 makes faster and more stimulating racing boat. Nowadays, RC toys are very popular with young children, especially a neat racing boat is a big surprise. There is a Chinese saying “water is to fish what air is to human”, which tells us how vital natural environment is to us. Instead of playing games indoor, why not take the boat with you to breathe some fresh air near a pool or lake.

With 460mm in length, 125mm in width and 118mm in height, the mini boat actually is not that mini. A bathtub is definitely too far from perfect for it, that’s why I advice you to play it outdoor.  Of course it couldn’t be too bravo if you own a private pool. If not, you’d better find a natural pool or lake. After all, the racing boat FT012 allows to surf 100 to 150m above the water. If you want to enjoy full-fun performance, then you should find larger pool or lake.
FT012Equipped with 35A super too-way ESC, brushless motor, the mini racing boat can surf in unexpectedly fast speed. The fastest speed can reach 45km/h, which is even faster than a whale. Normal movements like forward/backward, left/right shipping are very easy to achieve. The flexible turning is done in smoothness ans stability, there is no any hesitation no matter how fast speed it runs. In addition, FT012 reaches flipping over automatically and quickly when the boat is capsized.
FT012What’s more, the electronic speed controller has been designed with protection system to avoid being damaged for over current, over voltage, low voltage or motor blocked. Apart from compact inner structure, the canopy adopting high-level plastic material is of great durability. Therefore, there is no need to worry any safety problems. Water won’t flow into its body, and the boat won’t be corroded. Personally, it’s the best toy to play with kids and built parent-children hood!


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