Choosing The Best lipo Battery For Your Drone


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Selecting the right lipo battery involves many considerations as you must understand the amp and voltage requirements that you intend to use. This article will guide you through the essential processes involved as well as what you can’t leave out when making your choice. Consider the following before you make the final decision:

3s lipo battery,

√ Capacity

The capacity of the battery is the most apparent rating indicated on the lipo pack. It is measured in Milliamps per hour (mAh or Amps per hour (Amp/hour). Think of the capacity as the fuel which your car needs. A higher fuel pity will run your car for an extended period. As for the drone, 55 amps is the recommended safe current which the motor can draw from the 3s lipo battery.

3s lipo battery,

√ Battery voltage

Lithium polymer cells contain a nominal voltage of 3.7 per cell. When it has been fully charged, the lipo cell should have a voltage of 4.2 and should not go below 32 volts when discharged. You will also notice that the lipo packs comprise of 3 main layers. Make sure that the three layers are indicated to have a voltage of 3 and not 4.7V.

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√ Weight

Weight should be one of the things you must look at when buying a lipo battery. A lipo battery of 2000mah can weigh between 170 grams to 270grams; the weight depends on the brand as well as the model number. The batteries weight has a significant impact on the power to weight ration of the plane. An extra two ounces can make a huge difference in the performance of your plane.

3s lipo battery,

√ Physical size

The best battery for your drone model should perfectly fit with the battery’s compartment. Cells do not have the same size, and that’s why many manufacturers emphasize consistency when sizing the batteries. At times, a 2mm size difference might prevent it from fitting in your drone.

3s lipo battery,


√ Charge and discharge rate

Some lipo batteries display the C rating when charging. However, most batteries rate at 1C charging rate. The rating should correspond to your specific charging requirements. The same case applies to the discharge rate. You should always consider the wattmeter to find the exact demand for your system.

When choosing your 3s lipo battery, make sure that it fits well. Keep a close eye on its physical dimensions before you click the “purchase” button if you are buying online. Follow these tips, and your next lipo buying experience will be less mysterious, equating to the ideal lipo battery for your needs.



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