Compact& Concise ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS 3D Helicopter with DFC Rotor Head


AlignRC Helicopter

Today I’m going to recommend ungraded ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS, a medium 3D helicopter with 431mm in length and 145mm in height. Compared with its previous version, this one is a little bit smaller in size but lighter in weight as well. It’s widely acknowledged that Align helicopter always provides pretty remarkable 3D helicopter. Now follow my steps to see how exactly the copter is.
ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUSAn overall look on its configuration: Firstly, there is a striking canopy made by fiberglass which possesses no electricity conduction ability. Taken off the canopy, very compact and concise structure heaves in sight, which will contribute to faster and more furious 3D movements. Utilizing 3K carbon fiber frame and aluminum alloy rotor head, ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS is much slim so that it can easily reach smooth and sensitive flight with lower consumption.

Adopting DFC rotor head flybarless assembly featuring extremely low CG, the helicopter is endowed with stronger resistance to the wind and faster response speed. At the same time, the shorten distance between rotor head and bearing ensures more direct and precise operation. In addition, ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS utilizes professional 3D flight control system with adjustable 3Axis gyro, which enables it to automatically correct its attitude when flying into wrong direction.

Speaking this, Normal flights like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward could be reached with ease whether you’re experienced pilot or not. Let alone, ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS is capable of fancy stunts such as hovering, 360º rotating, rolling, flipping, crabbing, pitching, vertical flying as well as inverted flying. The most splendid flight is the combination of rolling, crabbing, vertical flying.

More about ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS: the unique gyro/servo integrated mount ensures convenient assembly and disassembling, which simplifies maintenance while keeps a clean overall aesthetic look. The copter gets minimized tail power output loss by utilizing highly efficient shaft drive system. Tail gearbox is an integrated unit with a new rudder control system, solid construction and zero slop, which results in more precise control feeling.


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