Cool ESKY F150 offers super amazing flying experience


RC Helicopter

Different from other simulated copter with flamboyant coating, ESKY F150 only adopts grave black and white. It was said that the mini copter had been widely expected among a mass of copter enthusiasts before putting on the market. For one thing, the original copter is featured by the unique outlook and high flight performance. For another thing, the mini version copter will provide enthusiasts with more precise features and controllable ability.
ESKY F150Actually, this is no the first simulated version of this type helicopter, but mini version always receives higher attention specially for a copter with such exquisite workmanship. The streamlined and compact structure make it more elegant, meanwhile, the copter ensures pretty flexible and sensitive flights for the unique structure. Personally, I could not love its external shell too much. All the precise inner components are covered by the shell, making it safer and more durable if get crashed or knocked.
ESKY F150ESKY F150 is a kind of copter that is both suitable for experienced and new-in enthusiasts. Adopting four channel design, the copter achieves four direction hovering, “8” shape flights and other fancy flying apart from normal three dimensional flights. With three-axis gyroscope, the copter allows you to fly enjoy more stable and arbitrary flight experience. You can gain abundant flying skills if you are the beginners. Or you can have better appreciation towards its amazing bearing if you are experienced in flying it.
ESKY F150All in all, the mini simulated copter is really worth owning. And there is a handy remote controller, you can easily get used to it just taking very little time. After disassembling the head shell, you can see there is a battery socket which is pretty convenient for users to change battery. Even if the copter gets some troubles by error operation, the simple structure allows to be adjusted and fixed instantly. Everyone is rushing to have ESKY F150 while you are still in hesitation!


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