Cool mini ESKY F150 allows you to appreciate graceful flight


RC Helicopter

It is the mini version of Bell222 aircraft with black and white coating. Compared to esky f300bl, ESKY F150 has reduced lots of weight and just taken the half size which could totally stand the human palm. I was amused at first sight of looking at the mini copter, cause it really like a fish with black color above and white color below. Still, it is very cool and suitable for both children and young enthusiasts. From the streamlined real aircraft shell, we can see the copter is small made but perfectly formed.
ESKY F150The fuselage of the flybarless three-axis copter is made of soft toughness material which has strong resistance to impact. Small as it is, ESKY F150 offers you higher flying performance. As we know, four channels helicopter can do lots of action, besides, three axis gyro ensures more stable and arbitrary flying. Therefore, users could experience some elegant flight movements like four-sides hovering or number “eight” flying route. The main rotor and tail motor make the copter full of power while flying. To match the high-level flying, there is a intelligent transmitter which realizes flexible controlling. In addition, you’d better input lithium battery for the copter, cause it is much more advanced compare to other normal mini copter. As you can see, the structure is so compact that the copter is easy to be adjusted and maintained. If you are a new player, you can learn and train your skill about controlling mini copter.
ESKY F150Last but not less, the two sides of copter cabin adopted hollow window which has function of heat dissipation. See from the hollow window, there is steering gear and swashplate inbuilt in the inner of ESKY F150. I heard many new enthusiasts have difficulty in starting it,l here I give you some warm tips: first, you have to put the copter in flat ground; second, press the power print of the copter and make sure the copter stably sands on the flat ground not your hand; third, press the power print of the transmitter and it will make a self check. Finally, you can start to fly after the finishing self-checking.


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