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May Day is here again and Banggood is out to make this Year’s May Day, a day to remember forever, as they will be offering both new and old customers amazing item deals. The official commencement date is, April 17 and it will last till May 3. Get mouth-watering discounts for your items on Banggood. There are so many amazing discount coupons that are up for grabs.
As May Day is being observed World-wide, Banggood thought it wise to give her customers something extra. In this Crazy May Day discount, nobody is left out as we have great deals for almost every item category.May Day 2019
When you visit our website you get to discover several deals that get catch your attention. These deals are the Daily flash deals, the top brand sale, the bundle deals, the coupon deals, the special offer deals and category deals.

Here is a brief breakdown of the various deals and their duration:

DAILY FLASH DEALS (Up to 54% OFF) – Starts on; April 17 1pm- April 19 1pm
April 20 1pm-April 22 1pm
April 23 1pm-April25 1 pm
April 26 1pm-April 28 1pm
April 29 1pm-April 30 1pm
May 1 1pm-May 2 1pm

TOP BRAND SALE (Up to 45% OFF) – Here on this deal, you can get home appliances, Smart devices, and other products from popular brands at a discounted price. You get amazing discounts on items from top brands like Eachine, Xiaomi, Blitzwolf, FIMI, iMAX and lots more.

BUNDLE DEAL (Up to 75% OFF) – Buy 2 Items and get 10% off
Buy 3 Items and get 15% off
Buy 3 Items and get 20% off
Buy 5 Items and get 20% off and lots more.

COUPON DEALS – On this coupon deals you get Extra 15% discount on items.

SPECIAL OFFER DEALS (Up to 80% off) – Get $0.01 Snap Up on April 29.

Amazing huge discounts are offered to category deals. They are as follows:

RC drone & Parts: Up to 60% Off

Electronics & Tools: Up to 62% Off

Home & Garden supplies: Up to 68% Off

Outdoor & Auto & Moto: Up to 71% Off

This is a very big opportunity for you to bring all your shopping fantasies into reality. Do not miss out on these amazing offers that Banggood is bringing your way, as it will be your greatest chance for you to buy what you want at the lowest price that you can ever imagine. Get a gift for your loved ones during this May Day price slash.

Finally, it is worthy to note that our products are genuine and our delivery service is top notch. We do not put up fake products for sale. So, visit us today via your mobile phone or laptop at and let us give you a treat.


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