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Diatone was set up in June 2012, is an expert producer of FPV racing drones, high-performance flight regulators, RC frame molding parts, ESC, RC engines.

Their central goal is to give pilots an interesting flying encounter, provide the most steady electronic framework.


1. Diatone Roma F5

The Diatone Roma F5 is another 5 inch freestyle quadcopter from popular quadmaker creator Diatone.

The frame is an all new plan. It has a customized formed aluminum cage to ensure the camera, separate interlocking 5mm thick arms and 2.5mm thick top/base plates. So far seems like any other frame yet the overlooked details are the main problem. They have settled for a stepped frame outline meaning more distance among top and base plates in the front versus the back. This makes for a build that permits more component room that a straightforward slam style frame like my custom sweet spot assemble dependent on the lowrider XL5.5 frame. Talking about components, there are openings for either 30.5mm or 20mm ESC/FC and room in the back for a 20mm stack which can be moved forward or back.


Motors are the all new Diatone Mamba 2207.5 for this model and they are just wonderful, all things considered, they help me to remember some of the classic Rays racing vehicle wheels.

The Camera utilized for this quad is right now a standout amongst other accessible – the Runcam Phoenix V2 Micro which runs at 1000TVL. These as far as anyone knows give perhaps the most pleasant picture accessible in a simple camera so I’m a lot of anticipating attempting it.

2. Diatone Rome f4

The Diatone Roma f4 LR is the latest complete delivery in the new category of 4 inch miniature long reach quadcopters.

The camera lodging on the frame is produced using 2 inch of CNC cut aluminum. Rather than simply looking cool (and it does) it offers much better protection from crash, including the standoff at the base.


Frame design itself is deadcat meaning there is no visible props which I believe is vital for DJI FPV quads, especially one that is intended for a long range cruising.

With the modified PIDs this quad flies truly nicely. You can go above and beyond and tighten up the powerful filters according to the betaflight tuning guides since RPM filtering is available on this setup.

3. Diatone GTB 339 Cube

The GTB 339 is among the new Diatone Cube line of items comprising of the GTB 229/239, and GTB 329/339. The distinction in numbers represents the propeller size and recommended battery 2S or 3S.

The frame is gotten from Quasi-Isotropic Carbon having the fibers running in four ways rather than only two making it look truly thin and yet being rigid.


It is 4mm thick and 1.6mm wide. The diagonal distance between the engines is 122 mm which gives a sizable amount of room to run 3 inch propellers. The motors is MAMBA Racing MB1105 5500KV for the 339 adaptation.

Camera is the RunCam Nano V2 with 2.1mm lens. It is a cheap camera however it gives a very decent picture.


The flight performance is magnificent. The GTB 339 motors comes with tons of power which joined with its weight give rocket like performance.Diatone recommends utilizing 3S 300mah battery and the GTB 339 comes tuned for that lipo size. If you are looking for a trustworthy online store to purchase one of these drone, then visit Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.


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