Christmas Gifts That Can be Given to Your Children


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It is not explainable how it feels when the Christmas comes. Christmas is known for gifting and sharing the love and positive energy.  It becomes more vibrant if the decorations embrace the DIY culture that can help in the activity arena of the households.  In the food culture, the fluffy slime plays a vital role that can make Christmas more special. When it comes to the Christmas gifting, there are various gifts that can be presented to your child,  but there are certain specific gift items that can be notified by us in order to excite your child to the core. Let us discuss three gift items that can be a valuable surprise for your child.

diy fluffy slime

Firstly, we can talk about the creative material. Yes, it is the pottery clay. The polymer clay are 32 in number, and they are specially made from the polyvinyl chloride material that can resist water,  and it is made Eco-specific with no sort of odour. Also, they are very strong and durable enough to withstand breakage and dislocation of your hard work. Hands should be strictly washed after play and not recommended for children of age below 3.

diy fluffy slime

The second one, yes, it is the DIY fluffy slime toy for your kid from the company Kiibru. Kiibru provides your kid with colourful slime toys from the Kiibru (Christmas series) styles varying from 1 to 5. It weighs nearly 60 grams in total. The speciality of this gift item is the motor usage of your child. Yes, the motor organs and the eye will be working more efficiently while playing with this gift item and it also boost the creativity of your child. They are completely made from the environmentally amicable raw materials,thereby, making them more eco-friendly and non-toxic. School projects and assignments can be assisted with this item that creates a uniqueness in your child’s work. Great gift for your child to grow with creativity.

diy fluffy slime

Thirdly, comes the squishes. Squishes are actually stress relievers and also create an exciting toy material for your child. The Vomitive egg yolk stress reliever is one of the greatest demands in the market because of its distinctness in the fun making process. The stress reliever comes in the yellow colour in form of a smiley ball with an opening in the mouth side. This toy weighs very low nearly equal to 65 grams. This is one of the ideal gifts for your child of age more than five years as it not recommended below that age. Hope you like that presenting to your precious child.

diy fluffy slime

To conclude, these three gifts adds more uniqueness in gifting and we want you to become unique parents by presenting these Christmas gifts to your child. For more Christmas gifting ideas, please check here.


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