DJI Phantom LiPo-Battery gives you longer flight time


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The DJI Phantom LiPo-Battery is high performance designed for DJI Phantom Quadcopter, but it is also suitable for CX-20, Quanum Nova Quad copter which also needs Li-Po battery with similar specifications.It supports continuous discharge up to 25C. The package also includes a XT60 connector.

DJI Phantom LiPo-batteryDJI Phantom LiPo-Battery owns large capacity of 2700mAh, but it tends to be smaller and lighter. It is in size of 102*34*28mm, weighing 205g. The small size and light weight make it easy to install and won’t add heavy load to your drone to influence the flexibility during flight. No matter it is in no-load or load conditions, it can enhance blank time, bringing you more fun of flying.

If you are looking to maximize your power and flight time in your quad copter, there is no better than DJI Phantom LiPo-Battery.

Operation steps:
1, Insert the AC power cord into the charge and AC cord into a wall socket. The  charge statues LED will flash green
2, Select the battery type LiPo and the charging current 2A.
3, Connect the battery main charge lead to battery socket and the battery balance wire to the 3S balance socket.
4, Start charging. The charge statues LED and the IS\2S\3S cell LED will glow constant red.
5, When the charge statues LED glows constant red, it is charging in CC mode and  LED glows green and red blink is in CV mode.
6, When the cell LED is flashing, it is discharging for balancing.
7, When the battery is fully charged, the charge statues LED will glow constant green.
Unplug the battery from the charger.


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