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Most people prefer to use electronic devices that can be controlled by a remote control since they find them to be more convenient. This is why electronic manufacturers put remote controls as essential parts of their products. DJI SPARK remote controller is an original product from DJI SPARK used to control their drones. Apart from being a product of a well-established and one of the most trusted brands, it comes with amazing features that enhance its usage and gives it an advantage over other brands.

DJI SPARK Remote Controller

Some of those features include

  1. DJI SPARK remote controllerhas a new Wi-Fi signal transmission system and a camera helps control the drone over wide video ranges of up to 2km. The Wi-Fi feature also allows wireless connectivity to mobile devices, removing any restrictions that could arise due to distance.


  1. With a long battery life of up to two and a half hours and takes 2 hours to fully charge, using your remote controller is a lot easier.


  1. Additional features include folding clamps that ensure attachment to your mobile device stays secure, thereby reducing chances of damage due to unwanted falls, and the ability to display live video feeds via the DJI GO 4 app, which you can also use to update the controller’s firmware.


  1. The range and speed of transmission can change due to the mode the controller is in as well as any available obstructions in the area, and the wide range of easily adjustable frequencies it has. In a clear field, it can reach the maximum speed at a distance of approximately 120 meters. When put in sports mode, the maximum speed can be 50kph or 31mph.


Unmissable and maximum cost performance

All these features especially the amplified Wi-Fi signal transmission system makes the DJI SPARK transmitter one of the best in the market. It’s very easy to connect to the drone and use since it only requires the use of your mobile phone. The camera can take pictures both vertically and horizontally while storing everything on your phone. Video storage can also take place automatically on your phone. This makes it easier to capture memories and store pictures as souvenirs.

DJI SPARK Remote Controller


Other DJI SPARK drone accessories include DJI SPARK propeller guard, DJI SPARK battery charging hub and DJI SPARK waterproof drone case among others. All these can work together to give you the most exhilarating experience with the drones. Customers who have bought the DJI SPARK remote controller have given great reviews with most saying it gives a better experience and others describing it as a must-have product. All these prove that it’s a product worth having and a great improvement over the use of phones alone.






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