DM007 QUAD COPTER, the best flight buddy


Nowadays, owning a personal quad copter is not difficult, the difficulty is to own the practical and beneficial one. DM007 Quadcopter can surely fulfill your requirements on quad copter. It provides beginner mode and professional mode to suit for all players in different level.It is equipped with 2.4G technology adopted for an-ti interference, which makes sure your quad copter will not interfere with other copters flying at the same time. In another word, this function enhances copter’s self-security to a large extend , even for beginners.
DM007 QuadcopterDM007 Quadcopter features a number of camera functions, like previewing and taking photos and video. Its 2.0 MP camera with high definition up to  2 million pixels makes it seem like that mountains, rivers, grassland and sky, etc, all the spectacular scenery is under your feet and you are on the scene. Can’t you imagine such an perfect visual enjoyment and feast? Only DMOO7 can give you. It also supports night flight and is equipped with a cool night light, so of course, viewing night scene is just a piece of cake.
DM007 QuadcopterFurthermore, it is very cool that its 6-Axis gyro quad-rotor craft flight allows you to implement various flight movement easily but remain stable because of its stronger wind resistance. I bet that your copter’s wonderful flight on the sky will surely gain many praises for you from other players. But if you can’t enjoy yourself to the full, you can also increase your excitement by accelerating . This copter owns two acceleration modes for you to choose.

DM007 QuadcopterFinally, i would like to highlight its strong anti-drop capabilities. DM007 Quadcopter is manufactured in high strength metallic materials and equipped with a full range of multi-angle crash protection cover. So your copter is very tough, and it will last its lifetime as long as possible to accompany you to fly on the sky.

DM007 Quadcopter