Dynam Hawk Sky V2, a beautiful glider perfect for beginners


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Even though you are a beginner, you are also able to glide freely in the sky! Like the old Haw Sky, this brand new Dynam Hawk Sky V2 brushless powered glider is aimed at beginners to intermediates. Constructed of durable EPO foam, only a small amount of assembly is required for this Receiver- Ready glider.

Dynam Hawk Sky V2

As this is the new version of Hawk Sky, new features are surely have, which firstly reflects on the appearance designs. The model has been given a face lift with a stronger construction that not only makes it more crash resistant, but also looks better. Besides, the body is more streamlined and the old black painted cabin has been replaced with a clear version complete with scale pilot.

Dynam Hawk Sky V2

The rear facing pro design makes Dynam Hawk Sky V2 more forgiving in a crash and the glider style makes easier to fly. ESC with T connector, servos and motor come pre-installed for your convenience. Powered by a 400 brushless motor, you will get in the air with little effort. However, to take it to the sky, you need to prepare a 4 channel 2.4Ghz radio, a 3 Cell 11.1 volt 2200mAh LiPo battery and a a LiPo battery charger. Combing complete and power components, this model is capable of performing aerobatic flight.

Dynam Hawk Sky V2

Dynam Hawk Sky V2 comes with landing gears, but they are easily removable for hand tosses and grass landings, so convenient. Such a beautiful and powerful glider, what are you waiting for? If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.


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