Dynam Seawind Blue, Nice Seaplane With Comprehensive Protection


RC Airplane

On my opinion, the rc airplane is one kind of rc toy produced similar to true plane. As a result, it is suitable for the enthusiasts who like the plane modules. This time, what I wanna share you is about one rc seaplane called Dynam Seawind Blue. It has nice appearance design with comprehensive protection that you can play it on the water surface. If you like it, you could read as following and I will share you the detailed information.

Dynam Seawind Blue

It has an unique and delicate appearance design with attractive lines and decal trim sheet. Besides, its motor mounted on the top in front of a very large rudder. This design has two benefits. First, it is useful when it flies on the water surface, which maintains the normal operation. Second, it offers a large space to place a FPV camera. Unobstructed view forward the large canopy, it is ideal for FPV shooting.

Dynam Seawind Blue

Dynam Seawind Blue was made from foam material, while its nose and hull come covered with plastic, which will protect the plane when it lands on any surface. Moreover, optional tricycle undercarriage system allows you to fly off it on land. This one is one kind of intermediate type plane that has a large wing area and downturned wingtips to provide excellent low speed handling capabilities.

Dynam Seawind Blue


Brand: Dynam
Item No.: Seawind
Color: Blue
Wingspan: 1220mm / 48in
Length: 1045mm / 41.8in
Flying Weight: 1250g
Power System: BM3715A-KV1050 Brushless Outrunner Motor
Electronic Speed Control: 40A Brushless with T connector
Propeller / EDF: 2-Blade Prop
Servos: 9g x 5
Landing Gear: Fixed
Required Battery: 3 Cell 11.1V 2200 mAh LiPo Battery
Required Radio: 4 Channel Receiver
Hinge Type: Foam
Material: EPO Foam
Skill Level: Intermediate

Dynam Seawind Blue

In short, Dynam Seawind Blue is excellent to fly on the water surface. Exactly, it also could fly on land. If you are interested in it, you could purchase it at Banggood. The new product costs you the price of $ 165.99. By the way, if you happen need to purchase the rc airplane parts, I have good suggestions of SKYRC NC2600 Charger Battery Charger Analyzer and 35W Electric Iron.

Dynam Seawind Blue


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