DYS USB Linker offers an easy way for you to upgrade ESC


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I believe most of us often use USB in our work to store files or others. It acts as an intermediary to connect with any equipment with that port. DYS USB Linker is made according to the same principle.

DYS USB Linker

DYS USB Linker is mini in size of 54*22*9 mm and weighs 8g. It is covered with black plastic, so even when it falls unexpectedly, it will not break. We all know that the renewal speed of electronic products is fast, to remain a good even better use, we need to continuously upgrade them. The main function of DYS USB Linker is to upgrade.

DYS USB Linker

DYS USB Linker is a tool used to connect your ESCs to your PC. It offers an easy way for you to change ESC setting and upgrade your ESCs with SimonK and BLHeli firmware, including SN16A / SN20A / SN30A / SN40A/ BL16A/ BL20A/ BL30A/ BL40A. It is capable of communicating with both the Simonk and BLHeli Bootloaders, so remember one thing that your ESCs must have Simonk or BLHeli Bootloader.

Pair the DYS USB Linker with your ESCs for the ultimate configurable experience. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page click here.


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