Eachine E011 Mini Toy Brick Quadcopter: A Best Playmate, Perfect Intelligence Developer in Childhood


I know many parents will worry that their children are addicted to games, refusing to study. Don’t be so frustrated. Now the producer of Eachine has developed a mini toy brick quadcopter to let children not only can have fun with it, but develop their intelligence simultaneously. You can refer to this review to think whether it is worth or not.

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I am actually attracted by its exquisite looking. I can’t even imagine how powerful it is after flying around the sky. A small body contains such large energy. Due to the little size of 8.5*8.5*7.5cm, you can take it everywhere in the pocket.


Compared with the conventional design, the blades of E011 increase the slop that supply the drone with stabler and stronger wind power. In addition, the quadcopter is equipped with full-scale guard circle to reduce the damage caused by the impact of flying and avoid any hand lacerations from rapid rotating blade for added safety.


In terms of configuration, the drone is featured with high-performance 6-axis gyro, which can be tossed to start flying in any angle without being effected. Besides, it adopts 2.4GHz remote control. Wow, in this case, children are able to get a better games experience. It’s really amazing.

The most outstanding part of it I think is the brick element. On the one hand, it can improve the appearance to make it more interesting. On the other hand, it’s useful for developing child’s intellectual and fostering their DIY ability by assembling them. What’s more, the drone is designed into two roles of hero and villain. Children can have fun of flying, and at the both time,enjoy playing and sharing with their friends. It does help to set up a positive relationship with peers.


Heartbeat is not as good as action. Let Eachine E011 to be your child’s best playmate and perfect intelligence developer.