Eachine E180: The Best RC Helicopter for Beginners


RC Helicopter

RC helicopters are a fun hobby for both adults and children who enjoy flying. It makes you fry on your own control while still being on your feet. There are a lot of RC helicopters in the market today, but there is the Eachine E180. This Heli ticks all boxes. It is one of the best RC Helicopters for Beginners.

Eachine E180


The Eachine E180 is made of strong alloy material giving it longer service life. This means that it is suitable for children and beginners to play as there is no serious damage or dysfunctional appearance after many accidents. The propeller is designed with aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and body self-stability. We also have to mention that it has high efficiency, amazing power-saving, and long flight time.


The Rc Heli Uses 3606 brushless motor direct drive that reduces gear restlessness, low noise, large torque, sufficient power, and high efficiency. It is able to resist degrees of high temperature without damage and increase the service life. Its Fixed-pitch, flybarless rotor mechanical simplicity lets you enjoy extra speed and agility with a design that has a high level of durability and efficiency.

Easy to fly RC helicopter

This RC is easily one of the best-fixed pitch Heli models on the market, it’s perfect for beginner RC pilots and will attract seasoned pilots looking for a fun and easy flying model with high durability and integrated telemetry with optional-use SAFE Select flight envelope protection.

Eachine E180


It is equipped with the latest lithium polymer 11.1V 1000mah 25C battery, which is different from other helicopter batteries. You can enjoy driving fun for about 32 minutes at a time with this remote control helicopter which is longer than other RC helicopters. The USB cable provides more convenience for charging.

Altitude Hold

The remote-controlled helicopters with altitude hold function. It can be locked at a certain height when the throttle is released, which makes it easier to control the helicopter for beginners and children. This 2.4G induction RC helicopter is made of lightweight and super hard material.

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