Eachine E58 Review: Is it Still Worth Buying Now?


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The Eachine E58 Quadcopter Drone is a foldable, small and radio-controlled drone that can be styled be in look and important purposes. When the DJI dominates the consumer marketplace of the drone, there is a plethora of smaller drone producers looking to establish themselves in the funding-friendly drone market which has an impressive collection of drones that are perfect and economical for beginners. The most popular drone is the Eachine which resembles the bigger version of the DJI Mavic.

Eachine drone


It is small and can fit in the palm of your hands; they are manufactured from durable materials and does not feel cheap.

There is a 720 camera on the nose which can be corrected to 90 degrees manually; it will produce movie footage and superior pictures but it won’t win you some aerial photography awards.

The drone comes with a propeller that guards the drone to minimize any kind of damages which may occur if you crush; if you are a beginner, the propeller will guide you to avoid damages.


This drone is compact and tiny when folded, and appears very easy and mobile to carry along with. In reality, the drone is light weighted and id small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. When it is folded, it is a replica of DJI, Mavic Pro quadcopter drone. The E58 four props are hinged double side prop which allows them to be more collapsible for transport and storage.

eachine drone


This drone has an E58 camera that has been mounted on a pivot and can be manually positioned from zero degrees to 90 degrees before the flight. The camera includes a glass lens for clarity and friction which appears to maintain its place set up once set.

Also, the camera includes a 2mp sensor which shoots really good pictures. If it doesn’t have a 3-axis gimbal, you can still work with the 6-axis elevation and gyroscope to minimize distortion.


The drone has about nine minutes of flight time. One thing to expect is that the drone will improve its duration of the flight period from a single battery charge, as it includes a 500Mah single lipo battery that takes over an hour to control entirely.


The Eachine drone is a feature-rich good entry-level drone that helps you understand the research essential without costing too much. You may learn what things are for you when the time comes to purchase the drone or you are either happy with the feature quality or set. You can buy good on banggood – the global leading online store – and order yours and will be delivered to your location as soon as possible.


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