Eachine EAT04 RC Buggy: The Best Budget RC Racer


RC Car

These radio-controlled cars were invented way back in the late 1960s and hardly go out of style they only get better with technology. There’s just something undeniably fun about racing a fast toy down your street. The Eachine EAT04 Buggy RC car is one of those toys that stand the test of time.

In this post, we’re going to show you the best RC cars are on the market today. You guessed it right, The Eachine EAT04 Buggy RC car.

Eachine EAT04


This oversized 4-wheel remote control race car is equipped with high-quality and durable motors to bring you a great racing experience. The speed is up to 80km / h driven by high speed 35km/h, which makes it a great improvement for acceleration.


The Eachine EAT04 RC Buggy has a Charge time of about 2-2.5H using a USB line with a Using time of 15min at a Control distance of about 80m. It comes with an inbuilt Charging protection function for battery overcharging and overcurrent. The RC has a Low voltage protection mechanism that automatically shuts down the receiver when the battery power is lower than 6.5V

Steering Control

Equipped with a full-scale 2CH 2.4G 40A integrated control ESC remote control system that offers an excellent experience. Please note that when the steering level is about 1-3, the steering range of the car is not obvious. Enjoy 10 different levels of racing experience. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced users to easily control within a range of up to 164.0 ft.

Eachine EAT04

Metal Shock Absorbers

The four truck wheels are all equipped with metal shock absorbers and high-hardness tires. This protects electronic components inside the body. It allows you to drive the car remotely on all terrains like beach, sand, rock, or concrete road. Protection functions like waterproof, even EAT04 RC in deep scan can also pass unhindered.

It is important to note that, when the EAT04 RC is rushed, it is capable to cover a controlled distance of 80km at a speed of 35km/h. when brushless; the same distance is covered at a speed of 70km/h

The EAT04 RC remote control car is very fun to drive and comes at a reasonable price. The Buggy models are well known for their durability and resilience when pushed to the maximum. Whether you’re looking for a fast RC car or just the best RC car for the money, I hope this guide has helped point you toward some good options. What’s more, you can buy good on banggood, which is the global leading online shop, and we will have it delivered to your location immediately.


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