Eachine EAT13:The Best RC Car for Beginners


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Remote-controlled (RC) vehicles don’t need to be a costly pastime. While some RC vehicles may cost upwards of $100, there are very moderate alternatives for entey-level purchasers, like the Eachine Eat13 RC Car. It’s a dependable, long-range RC vehicle with the capacity to navigate a wide assortment of territory. During testing, we drove it across lawns, asphalt, over curbs, and through the bushy areas. This is one of the best RC car for beginner in 2021. Read on to see how this car performed.


The Design

Estimating 21x19x9.5 cm and weighing 650g, the Eat13 is enormous, yet not so hefty that kids can’t carry it. It comes in different brilliant color choices.The one we got came in a red plastic body with touches of black and white. The wheel of this RC car is black. We loved the charcoal black, as it gave a pleasant energy to the vehicle. The red body, notwithstanding, left a lot to be desired, as it looked cheap and thin. Luckily, you do get an anti-collision bumper on the front to shield you from wreckage.


One thing to note about the build is that the Eat13 shell secures in the base and engine by utilizing plastic locking clips. In the event that you have an extra shell, you can change out the vehicle outside, yet since it doesn’t accompany an extra, you’ll need to check whether you can get one independently. The battery compartment is effectively accessible, being situated on the undercarriage of the car.


We tried the Eat13 RC Car over a number of territories: inside the house, over grass, asphalt, mud, and sidewalks. Imperative to take note of, the instructions don’t specify waterproofing so we’d admonish keeping away from puddles. The powerful 130 brushed motor of the car gave the RC vehicle enough momentum to push over steep slopes, grassy and muddy. We additionally took it through leaves, sticks, and over walkway curbs. With every obstruction, the vehicle handled them quite well. This high speed RC car can at a speed of 25km/h which I must confess is awesome.



The Eat13 RC car comes with a 3.7V 800mAh battery than has a charge time of 60 min and can run for 20 min straight covering a distance of 30m.


Eat13 is an RC car I really admire, it outperforms many off road RC car that exist in the toy market today. The car is solid and beautiful too. The reliable dealer to purchase the Eat13 RC car is Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.


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