Eachine EX4 Eeview: One Of Eachines Most Advanced Drones


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The Eachine EX4 is a well-designed drone that is light-weighted and easy to carry around.  It’s a darling to many toy lovers, and I will tell you why that is in a moment. Read through and find out:

Eachine EX4

Foldable and portable

The Eachine EX4 weighting at 430g v makes the drone great to travel with it when folded because is very compact and easy to truck with. That means if you have a big bag pack, you can pack it there plus your other accessories. The drone is indeed a firm device because even when it crashes it won’t break easily, as it is built from high durable-plastic. It has an HD camera that supported by a 3-axis gimbal that’s placed on the front and the ultrasonic sensors and the optical flow sensor on the belly that will help fight stabilization when the GPS signal is weak.

The drone packs a rotor arm that extends its legs to protect the camera from damages when the landing it. On the bottom near the camera, you will an SD card slot, od a maximum capacity od 32Gb to record more than enough pictures and videos.

Eachine EX4 camera

Its camera’s good because you don’t have to move closer to focus on the image because it has 3.2 CMOS sensor that takes images in 4K and it comes with a 50 digital zoom function. Since the camera is not for professional use, you zoom more and more to focus on the image. For a drone that costs $200 that streams a video of 720p@24fps is not the greatest but is better and records a video of 1080p HD that provides high-quality video footage.

Comparing the transmission range of taking videos and photos, is slightly less than flying without the camera which is around 1000 meters in good conditions, but is advised to keep within the range to get the best image and video quality. The photographs and videos taken by the Eachine EX4 camera, are of good quality that you can courageously share to your family and friends. Imagine flying the drone hands-free so that you can concentrate on taking quality pictures; this is by the help of 3 smart flight modes in the Eachine EX4.





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