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The Eachine EX4 is one of the best drones which has a 25 minute flight time, lots of intelligent flight options, and a 4K camera. It has a battery that takes approximately 4hours to charge and can take 25 minutes to fly which is a huge amount of time for a drone of this quality.

Eachine EX4

Build and design

Having most of the drones, this one is foldable as well. Not just the propellers but the arms as well. When you carry the drone in your hands, you will realize that the drone is very heavy though, it is a powerful motor because it is very powerful in the air.


This transmitter doesn’t look like a regular transmitter, it doesn’t have that Xbox controller feel; this is more like a brick shape which works better. You don’t have to worry about your kids messing with the batteries because it has in-built batteries that can be charged. There is also a charging port on top between the two antennas. On the front of the drone, there is a cool pattern in an X shape. There are, of course, 5 buttons and two throttles in total. One for taking videos and photos the other for power right in the middle.

Eachine EX4


The camera is able to take videos for 1080p, but for photos is capable of taking photos in 4K in a 4:3 ratio. This is not much but this is able to make some decent videos. The camera uses the technology that keeps the image clear on the DJI Osmo pocket which gives a clear image and the camera is held by a 3-axis Gimbal. A high percentage of drones use in-built software to stabilize the image but a gimbal is much better.

Flight experience

This drone is powered by a 2400mAh 11.4v lipo battery which some of these modular batteries keep their charge for longer. As with any other drone, you are capable of using the FPV. Which you have to download as an app on your phone, called ‘Enjoy-fly’ which is available for both iOs and android. It supports the 80211.ac Wi-Fi, a.k.a. 5G WI-Fi which is a must. When you want to connect, you will have two options, one is to connect to the drone, and the other is to connect to the transmitter Wi-Fi. The drone also has some features like auto-follow, follow me mode, point of interest, gravity sensor control, waypoint flight, and one key return.

The Eachine EX4 drone is for the people who are experienced to use it can be able to create creative footage and smooth when you want to make a good video for your friends or family. But for beginners, it will be also simple to fly a drone with a lot of features and sensors.


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