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For decades now, humans have proven to enjoy fun more than anything else in the world. That’s why every first quality that every human will consider before buying a smart-phone is the camera strength! But did you know that Taking photos or even videos can be so interesting, especially when taken at an aerial perspective? It’s therefore important to get the right devices that can really solve the problem. Have you ever thought that you can get the best flying vehicle to serve the purpose? Maybe it’s now your time to consider getting a Selfie drone! It’s a super design of a flying vehicle that’s 2 feet’s in diameter, and uses 3 propellers and can be manned using a remote control! Selfie drone has the following admirable characteristics and features.

eachine selfie drone


Selfie drone, Eachine E56 720p WIFI FPV, is an innovative entity with a 720p camera that really gives you amazing selfies with little effort. With the installation of both RC and Gravity remote control, it makes your aerial photography looks so cute since the beauty mode serves the purpose! Gravity sensor mode also allows the Eachine E56 720p WIFI FPV Selfie drone to just follow the intended way where your smart-phone follows! With an FPV system, you can capture photos, record photos and store them in a memory! It also has a built-in Barometer that really keeps your altitude well and your flight is kept stable.it also has the four channels which can really serve purposes of ascending, descending, forward rocking, backward rocking, and can even roll at a 360 degrees angle! Make an order of this outstanding selfie drone at a friendly price of only 44 dollars! Delivery can be done within 36 days in maximum that to say shipping can take 35 days and the time to process always don’t exceed 24 hrs.

eachine selfie drone

Selfie drone gives you the best photographing moments with just minimized efforts. You are assured of the easy manning of your device and the storage is just enough to keep all you have taken safely! Getting a selfie drone is not very expensive, you always get it a pocket-friendly price that really works well with your financial stringent budgets!

Best moment that you spent with friends, family or even schoolmates can be covered well with this amazing selfie drone! You really need to keep this moment even till old days, then do a better video shooting with the Eachine Selfie drone!

Selfie drone is the companion you want! Life is beautiful with this amazing photographing machine it’s what really defines fun! Get yourself the Eachine E56 720p WIFI FPV Selfie drone and have fun with aerial videos and photos!

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