Eachine & Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro Review


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The SonicModell AR. Wing 900mm Drone FPV Flying Wing Plug & Fly is a great all-around delta R/C wing which can be used as a standard plane or to do first-person view flights (FPV) with video recording.  To allow for a different video camera, the frame comes with different camera mounts (lightweight plywood) as well as matching magnetically held nose cones.

Flying performance

The Eachine AR wing pro comes with NX3 3D Flight Controller inside for stable flying and Wingspan off 900mm (35.43 “) with high efficiency of the air blade that creates powerful lifting force. Its Black detachable wings are portable and easy to carry for outdoor FPV super stable flight. Eachine AR wing pro

Shock resistant.

The world’s first FPV wing with dedicated nose camera bay and main bay for DJI HD air unit system, no need for any cutting or DIY to fit DJI system, therefore, there is no need for any cut or DIY to fit the DJI System.

The Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro is Durable, lightweight, and flexible. Integrated, shock-resistant, rigid, and super shock-resistant carbon fiber tube. And the additional plastic covers for protection against the fuselage.

Action FPV

The additional camera support, compatible with most FPV and AIO cameras in the market. Quad racing power plant (motor / ESC / propeller), change your electronics hassle-free. Large gear compartment for more FPV gear and bigger battery and an Aerodynamic designed FPV pocket in both sides of the fuselage

Easy to Assemble

It comes with the entire power system, motor, and servos. Add your radio, receiver, and fly. Plenty of space inside this to add extras likes GPS or flight controllers. Not bad for your first FPV wing. Note that The Sonicmodell AR Wing 35mm does not include transmitter, receiver, battery, charger, Vtx, and cameras.

What is special about this wing? The SonicModell AR. Wing Classic RC Airplane is a DIY dream for pilots as it comes disassembled, unassembled, or without fixed parts, so you can fly using your style. The classic wing features a spacious gear compartment for longer flight time and more room for any flight controller, detachable main wings and wingtips, extra carbon fiber spar for enhancement, durable, lightweight, and flexible, and other features cool ones that will benefit your flying style.

This Eachine AR Wing Pro is extremely strong as it is Molded by tough EPP material, built-in CF spar for enhancement of flight quality, high speed. With over 40,000+ units sold worldwide, SonicModell has decided to come up with the 35,433 “Classic “EPP RC Airplane to honor its loyal customers with a better airplane and better prices. Get yours today, on banggood at an affordable rate.


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