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The Eachine Tyro79 is the second in Eachine’s Tyro series, the first being the budget plan Tyro99 5-inch quadcopter pack. The most astounding thing about this fpv racing drone pack is its price. Unmistakably there have been areas where Eachine has reduced expenses, yet they’ve made a surprisingly decent quad given those tradeoffs.

fpv racing drone


Since there was no simple customization worth keeping, we decided to move up to the most recent betaflight and start settings without any preparation. The beneficiary is in UART 1 and smart audio on UART 2. For PIDS I picked stock with I-term expanded half on the move, pitch yaw since I-term unwinds were on. Dynamic channels according to default. Increment gyro/PID circle to 8k/8k and that is about it.

Initial thoughts on the build pre-flight

After the setup and build, we imagined that the engines were simply awful. They had horrendous wires with acrylic protection and covers on the wire itself making it somewhat of a pig to solder, absolutely contrasted with standard silicon protected engine wires. Moreover, the heading sounds loathsome when lingering. How could this mean flight? It didn’t; it flew significantly in a way that is better than I was anticipating. At the point when I initially observed the particulars, I thought the engines were strange – excessively enormous of a stator and an absurdly low kV in any event, for 4s. Well, the kV joined with a bigger 1606 stator is in reality fine contribution reasonable force on 3s and 4s with surprisingly great productivity… more on that underneath. It pays for it a piece in weight yet not as much as we, however, it would.

3s performance

To get the ESC heated up, we began with 3s batteries, especially the terrible betafpv 850mah packs which have a ridiculously low c esteem. For a sensibly enormous limit, these were only unflyable in my Full speed chief 2.5 as surveyed here. We were then agreeably amazed to find that in addition to the fact that I got respectable battery existence with these in the tyro79 (4-4.5 minutes with genuinely hefty choke), I additionally had more force than we were expecting and positively enough for an apprentice to get to grasps – sufficient to recuperate from huge jumps, power circles and so on If you as of now have 3s packs between about 450mah and 850mah I would suggest utilizing them yet on the off chance that you are purchasing new, please go for 4s regardless of whether you are a learner: read on…

4s performance

After we were comfortable that the build, was sound on 3s I went for 4s (I utilized the CNHL minister 4s 650mah which I can suggest). Everything felt more honed and quicker, and the speed was significantly better. The best improvement anyway was the reaction: the capacity of the quad to respond all the more quickly to stick inputs. We would suggest that in any event, for novices you go straight for 4s with this quad. There are simple approaches to restrict choke as we expounded on here to sharpen your abilities, diminish the opportunity of mishap harm, and make your flights last more. We needed to bring up again that between the boisterous orientation, odd stator size, and kV decision that these engines would be a debacle yet joined with the remainder of the bundle here is shockingly acceptable. I have worries about the life span and crash strength eventually at the season of composing I am 60-odd packs in and presently can’t seem to experience an issue. Past broken props and 1 x broken battery lash – mostly consumable things at any rate.


Presently this is the place where we had confounding outcomes. On the initial 30 or so flights the camera was satisfactory – we could see colors fine yet more significantly the advances from light to dim very sensibly. This can be found in the DVR underneath.

We can’t recall whether there was an accident or some function yet from that point forward the light taking care of has been horrendous – we couldn’t find in shadows by any means, we can fly on radiant days without any mists. Overcast days victory the picture and make it unflyable.

fpv racing drone


There’s no doubt that at the retail value the tyro79 is MUCH less than anything comparable even though it accompanies some unmistakable admonitions.

We prefer the kit solution because we have the devices (which you will require in any case) and we did it ourselves.  That aside, it performs shockingly well on 3s and 4s, and for the cash, it’s difficult to contend against anything else than this. This is available on banggood.com for US$75.00 only.


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