Eachine Wizard TS215 Racing drone Review

Eachine Wizard TS215 a drone to compete with professional racing setups, a Ready To Fly quadcopter with the powerful 2306/2450KV motors and compatible with 6S batteries, very competitive if we compare them with the famous T-Engine F40 Pro II 2306 2400KV that only support 4S batteries. The engines of the new Wizard TS215 are powered by 4x individual ESC of 40 Amps , leaving aside the 4-in-1 system with which the Wizard X220S came, this way it is much easier and replace an ESC. These ESC support up to Dshot1200, 6S batteries and have current sensor according to the data sheet.

Eachine wizard TS215

The design and build
When the Wizard X220S was released, it turned out that eachine tried to pull a fast one and disguise the fibreglass frame as carbon fibre (which they did fix). Fortunately, the TS215 frame is entirely made from carbon fibre and is strong. Some people may recognize this fame as being similar to the Hyperlite Floss, and although they do share some similarities, they are definitely different frames. The Hyperlite floss, as the name suggests is an ultra lightweight frame, sacrificing strength for weight reduction. The TS215 frame is considerably stronger, using wider arms, and a thicker bottom plate. This makes the wizard very strong indeed. The 215mm motor to motor frame uses 4mm carbon fibre arms, and 3mm top and bottom plates. The carbon fibre also features a very nice blue camo paintwork that is done using a hydrographic transfer process. Overall this is the best 5-inch frames Eachine have made so far, easily beating the wizard X220.

The FPV Camera
At the front, the wizard uses a high-resolution CCD FPV camera. The 1200TVL resolution makes for a great picture, and the camera has no noticeable latency issues (assuming you have disconnected the DVR). The picture is great, and the camera has great dynamic range, something you would expect from a CCD sensor. The camera is mounted on a 3D printed adjustable mount. It doesn’t look particularly premium, but it slides out very easily once you remove to top place to make working on the wizard very easy.

The Motors and ESC
One of the highlights in terms of specifications is when it comes to the motors and ESC. This wizard uses some own brand TS2306 2450KV motors, that look very nice. Eachine claims these motors can produce up to 2.3Kg of thrust on 5S. We have not verified these claims, but when flying the TS215 the motors do definitely pack a lot of punch. The ESC run at Dshot 1200 giving you insanely fast motor update rates. And each ESC also has an RGB led that you can configure using the BLheli32 software.
Overall the motors and ESC work great and offer a lot of performance. I would not go as far as to say they are top quality as they do not run silky smooth like brotherhobby, or tmotors coupled to airbot wraith 32 ESC.

Having an onboard DVR sounds like a great idea, and it is. Being able to record your HD footage onboard, without the need for a second camera is a very nice feature. However, in the case of the TS215, the DVR forces the video signal to be routed through it, and this introduces extra latency into the FPV signal. This ultimately makes it impossible to get full flight performance out of the wizard TS215. For beginners, using this DVR would probably be fine, but as you fly faster the latency can cause some issues as there is a delay of about 60 to 80ms in the video signal. When you remove the DVR, you only get about 10-20ms of latency.

The Receiver (PNF version)
The Wizard TS215 is sold as either a bind and fly (BNF) version with no receiver, or a plug and fly (PNF) revision. The PNF version includes a Frsky XM+ receiver that is the RX that most people, including ourselves, would recommend to use on an FPV racer. The only issue here is that Eachine only sells it with the international D8 firmware only. So if you purchased your Taranis in the EU, it will be using the D16 firmware, so you will first need to update the firmware on the XM+ before you can use it. So for those in the EU, best to just get the BNF version and hook up your own receiver.

Great cam
Nice stock tuning
Powerful motors and individual esc setup
F4 flight controller
800 mw VTX
Switchable VTX with Smartaudio
Nice 8x clear/blue Cyclone T5046C 3 blade propellers included.

poor DVR quality & DVR latency ( DVR Removal is recommended )
antenna position ( just install a longer Pagoda style antenna for better range)
PDB/FC in one board (only bad if you are a beginner and destroy it)

Eachine usually gets so close to building an impressive ready to fly quadcopter and some parts of this quadcopter give you a lot of bang for the buck, you get BLheli_32 ESC, very powerful motors and the excellent Omnibus F4 based FC coupled with a smart audio VTX. This racing drone is available for purchase at Banggood.com


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