EMAX GT2218/09 1100KV Outrunner Brushless Motor For RC Models


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EMAX motors are commonly used in RC aircraft with its quality making, stronger compatibility and higher efficiency. Today, we’ll have a look at one of its members – EMAX GT2218/09 1100KV Motor.


Nowadays, brushless motors are more and more welcomed. Compared with brush noes, brushless motors are smoother with lower noise and longer service time. And among all brushless motors, the GT Series are more precise, lighter in weight and higher in efficiency. EMAX GT2218/09 1100KV weighs 80g with shaft diameter of 4mm, making it suitable for most RC models including quadcopter, multi-copter and airplane, and better compatibility with more different speed controllers and propellers.

EMAX GT2218Adopting 0.2mm silicon steel, EMAX GT2218/09 1100KV offers high performance while low temperature during working to ensure healthy functioning and longer using time. The quality bearings enable the motor to run fast, so that this motor is efficient and give powerful thrust, which is perfect for RC aircraft that requires high speed and low load.

For the best overall combination of performance, quality, and value, use EMAX GT2218/09 1100KV Motor in your aircraft. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page.


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