EMAX Hawk Sport 5: One of the best budget drone in the world


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When the Hawk 5 was first unveiled, EMAX revolutionized the drone racing landscape be establishing the optimal specs for a fluid racing experience. But what EMAX has done again is redefine the field in aerial drone technology with the revolutionary Hawk Sport.

The build quality 
The very new EMAX sport HAWK 5 comes up with a great design with sleek frame and perfectly finished cut ends. It has a dimension of 7.68 x 7.07 x 1.59 inches and weighs about 0.2700 kg. Currently, this fastest Quadcopter is available in black color which looks stunning by all means.
The frame is a true X and it’s amazingly solid and stiff. It uses the regular sandwich style of frame construction with top and bottom plates. This means it’s very stiff and it’s easy to change the arms if you break one. The frame and the arms are nicely finished, and the arms have got a good amount of extra carbon outside the motor diameter here and this provides lots of crash protection. The camera is fairly well protected and easy to adjust with 2 mm dome head bolts on each side.
The thickness of the arms is 4×5 mm by 9mm; these are pretty low drag arms. The quality of these is pretty good. And although they don’t have sharpened edges, they’re not sharp and there’s some good degree of crash protection to stop the bell of the motor getting damaged.
Top plate is 2 millimeters thick and these interesting reinforcing braces along the side here. Those are 1.5 mm.
For the camera they’ve used the low latency Foxier Arrow Micro V2. It’s a 600 TVLine CCD camera with a wide-angle 150-degree lens which is perfect for fast racing.
EMAX make quite a lot about these props. They’re 5×4.3×3 and are designed to give a constant 4.3 pitch across the whole blade, which apparently gives a linear control feeling across the whole throttle band.
Most of the weight is around the hub which means it’s got a low moment of inertia, basically that makes a very responsive propeller, because the way it is all centered around the hub.
This very new HAWK 5 has LiPo battery strap of 225 mm. It has a V3 upgraded metal buckle. It gives an estimate flying time of 4 to 5 minutes. And it takes almost 20 minutes to get charged.
Fastest Quadcopter in this Range
Designed for smooth Flying Experience
Great Flight Modes
A little heavy for starters

Cost-wise this is only around $199 on Banggood.com, which is slightly cheaper than most drones in this 5 inch range. But it doesn’t compromise on parts, they’re very high spec so it’s great value for money which is always a good thing.


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