EMAX Skyline32, an awesome flight controller


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This is a recommendable flight controller. Compared with others, Emax Skyline32 is thinner and lighter, which makes it work greatly with various kinds of drones. Actually, it has three versions: mini, acro and advanced, and this is the advanced version.

EMAX Skyline32

Drones have strict requirements on weight. The lighter it is, the more flexible it will be. This thin and light Emax Skyline32 reduces overall weight and saves mounting space, making huge contributions to give you an agile flight. Adopting unique wire-to-board connectors, the wiring would be easy. Loaded with Baseflight- Configurator, it supports both Cleanflight and Baseflight. This is an open source flight controller, which means you can contribute to the system too.

EMAX Skyline32

Emax Skyline32 combines multiple quality components in one to show an ever good-to-work flight controller. It adopts 32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3V / 72MHZ, making it work efficiently. It also comes with a gyro and compass so that it can accurately carry out flight commands with no deviation. With the extended reservation position for accelerometer, barometer, you are allowed to mount an accelerometer and barometer. Actually, Emax Skyline32 already has a built-in barometer senor while the other two versions don’t have, which will greatly enhance the safety of your flight.

EMAX Skyline32

Speaking of safety, the battery voltage monitoring and low alarm functions also aim to guarantee a safe trip for you. In addition, with the micro-USB, you can reach flashing firmware and adjusting parameter to gain a better using effect.

Emax Skyline32 offers various modes, including manual mode, angle mode, horizon mode, heading mode, head-free mode and altitude mode, which would give you adapted and comfortable using experience. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page.


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